Vegas Joker Online Slot Rating and reviews

You may take a journey back in time to the early days of online casinos by playing the Vegas Joker slot machine by BetSoft. This game will teach you precisely how lucrative the older slot machines were. This retro-style game took its cues from the traditional fruit machines that used to be seen in Las Vegas, complete with jokers, unique jackpot payouts, and fruit-themed symbols, as suggested by the game’s name. Vegas Joker is a game that provides its players with two different 3-reel screens, each of which has 5 fixed paylines and a large choice of rewards. This game has the potential to be very profitable, offering each player the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 coins in a single round.

The auxiliary supermeter screen of Vegas Joker, which can be accessed after each victory to earn larger and more generous rewards, is one of the reasons why this game is such an appealing option. You may play this slot on any device that supports Flash, and it will provide you the opportunity to win a wide variety of prizes without ever having to leave the convenience of your own home. Before you begin playing for real money, we recommend that you read our whole evaluation first. This will provide you with further information on the payouts, compatibility, and free bet casino features.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Vegas Joker

Another user-friendly slot machine offered by BetSoft, Vegas Joker makes the game experience simple and uncomplicated for players. To begin, you need to click the coin control that the arrow is leading you towards so that you may change the value of your coin anywhere from 0.02 credits to 1 credit. Once you have done so, use the bet control button to choose whether you wish to play with one coin or 10 coins for each spin of the wheel. You have the ability to place your bet at any value between 0.02 credits and 10 credits for each round, depending on the decisions you make.

You won’t need to constantly looking back to the paytable to figure out which symbols are worth what in this slot, which is sure to be a feature that you truly like. Once you begin playing, you will always be able to see the various rewards, symbols, and paylines that are available to you. Naturally, the rewards are determined not just by the coin size you choose, but also by the total amount of coins wagered throughout each round. You may win rewards that range from ten coins every sequence all the way up to two hundred coins if you place the minimal stake. However, if you raise your wager to ten coins every round, the rewards will grow up to two thousand coins per sequence, giving you a maximum jackpot of ten thousand coins per spin (2,000 coins x 5 paylines). However, this does not imply that you won’t be able to collect any excellent rewards with a minimal bet since the unique supermeter function will provide you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to transform any modest payment into a much bigger win. Despite this fact, you will still be able to collect any prizes.

As was previously mentioned, the Vegas Joker slot machine is only accessible on devices that are compatible with Flash. This list does not include the vast majority of iOS and Android-based mobile devices. Vegas Joker, in contrast to many of BetSoft’s earliest slot machines, has not been updated with a To Go version at the leading online slots sites. As a result, it is mostly accessible to gamers who play on their laptops or desktop computers.

Features of the Vegas Joker Slot Machine with Free Spins

There are two different methods that you may use real money to play Vegas Joker by BetSoft. The first strategy is to play the slot machine using just the bottom screen. This strategy requires you to place a wager, then push the spin control button before the machine draws nine symbols on your screen. You are eligible to win one of the prizes offered by the game whenever a payline is completed with three symbols that are identical to one another. If you simply wager one coin every round, you will only get one payline and the lower value rewards. If, on the other hand, you wager ten coins, you will not only be able to play with all five paylines but also get greater returns.

Use of the bonus supermeter screen that is located at the very top of the machine is the second method of playing Vegas Joker. You will first need to win anything on the bottom screen in order to go to the supermeter. This is because the only way to access this feature is by spending 20 coins, which is twice the maximum bet limit. Because of this, each win of 20 coins or more that you receive on the bottom half may either be collected to your balance using the button that is assigned for this purpose, or it can be utilized to play the supermeter area at the top by hitting the spin control for a second time. This bonus portion also provides you with two different paytables, one of which you may reach with a stake of twenty coins, and the other of which requires you to wager twice as much. The “bet” control allows you to swap between the two tables at your disposal.

The supermeter is where you may risk your gains in exchange for the possibility of winning more valuable rewards. The minimum rewards that appear at the bottom of the screen start at 10 and 20 coins every combination. However, the supermeter awards prizes that start at 100 and 200 coins. Even if they are not gathered on one of the game’s standard paylines, bonus joker symbols may still award up to 2,000 coins if the player manages to collect enough of them. This is the icing on the cake.

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