How to bet on Esports Betting in Thailand

Online ตารางการเดินเงิน บาคาร่า gambling is very popular nowadays due to the unfavorable circumstances for people to go out. Therefore, more and more people are turning to online. especially e-sports betting Because esports is a competitive game on an online platform that we can watch anywhere we go and it’s also convenient. When watching a match, there must be bets involved. So, let’s get to know more about esports and how to bet on esports.

What is esports?
Before knowing how to bet on esports Let’s get to know e-sports first. What is esports? Esports or electronic sport is a competitive sports game involving teams, individuals and computer equipment. Compete online in digital stadiums with huge payouts. The games that competed are top hits such as Dota and CS:GO.

In addition to fun, excitement, and challenges It also builds planning skills for players. The tactics of attacking, defending, and fighting have helped to attract more viewers to the sport today.

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What is Esports betting?
Esports betting is the same as regular sports betting made online. on various websites It depends on what we choose and where the website is available. Which bets are not as difficult as you think because you can bet on both teams and individuals. Including the odds to see as well The different types of bets are similar.

Examples of popular e-sports games in Thailand
1.League of Legends

League of Legends or LoL, a 5v5 MOBA game, a legendary game that many People still like to play. The main thing is teamwork. Because you have to plan to play as carefully as possible.


DOTA2 or Defense of the Ancient 2 is a 5v5 game for MOBA gamers. It is regarded as the game master of E-sport because this game is competed in world-class, international competitions for prize money and trophies. enormous value

3. RoV (Arena of valor)

RoV, a popular mobile game, MOBA style that competes as a 5v5 team. This game is a popular game that no one knows about. Because it is a mobile game that many people play, e-sport competitions are widely held in Thailand.


PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds It is another popular game. Island survival game where players can team up with up to 4 friends to go into battle, or go solo or paired up with a duo as well, where the last person who can survive is the winner.

5. Valorant

Valorant is a cross-shooter between CS:GO and Overwacth, an FPS game that started hosting e-sports championship tournaments. There is no topping up in order to make the character better. Everything will depend entirely on the skill of the players. It is very suitable to be a game in E-sport competition.

6. CS:GO

CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a long-standing FPS game where players take on the role of a thief or a cop who has to fight fiercely.

How to bet in esports
Betting means that you are not entering the game yourself, but betting on which team or who will win. There are four popular formats: Moneyline, Handicap, Over/Under. and predictions during the game Here are some esports betting methods that you can use.

How to choose a reliable esports website
When interested in betting on esports, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a website to secure our money. But how do we choose to have the least risk? Because nowadays there is a website popping up as a flower that has it all. Here are some things that must be taken into account when choosing a website to play esports betting.

1. The website must be reliable, stable, real money withdrawal, no cheating, which can be checked from the reviews of the number of members. or ask from real users

2. The web interface is easy to use, hassle-free, organized and organized. And the page navigation should be direct navigation to the page you want to go to.

3. The service of the website must be available 24 hours a day, as e-sports betting is new and may lead to misunderstandings in betting.

4. There is a window showing the price or how to play clearly.

5. The website must have personnel. with the ability and expertise to give advice Solve problems in a timely manner, the system must be stable. A website that has a standard will have the stability of the system.

6. The important aspect of esports betting is the system. If the system crashes, the game will not be able to continue and thus lose betting opportunities. Therefore, you should check this section carefully.

7. Choose a highly rewarding website. good odds And there are many bonuses to take advantage of gambling.

8. If the website is certified by a reputable institution for online casinos or online games, it will be even more credible.

However, online gambling is very popular these days. And spread is prevalent in various online casino sites. You should consider the risk and loss that you will receive from betting. should play consciously and is always in moderation

Gambling will be more fun if we know how to play and how to back off. If you are new to the industry, take a look at the game first and then consider betting. If you are a professional gambler, don’t wait any longer and win big with esports betting!

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